Using as a package

If you wish to produce light curves or other data products for a given model without using the fitting and evidence accumulation features of MOSFiT, functions within the code can be accessed by importing the mosfit package into your Python code.

Produce model outputs

In the code snippet below, we fetch a supernova’s data from the Open Catalogs using the Fetcher class, create a Model that initializes from the fetched data, and finally run the model:

import mosfit
import numpy as np

# Create an instance of the `Fetcher` class.
my_fetcher = mosfit.fetcher.Fetcher()

# Fetch some data from the Open Supernova Catalog.
fetched = my_fetcher.fetch('SN2009do')[0]

# Instantiatiate the `Model` class (selecting 'slsn' as the model).
my_model = mosfit.model.Model(model='slsn')

# Load the fetched data into the model.
my_model.load_data(my_fetcher.load_data(fetched), event_name=fetched['name'])

# Generate a random input vector of free parameters.
x = np.random.rand(my_model.get_num_free_parameters())

# Produce model output.
outputs =
print('Keys in output: `{}`'.format(', '.join(list(outputs.keys()))))