Several installation methods for MOSFiT are outlined below. If you run into issues, open a new issue on GitHub.

Setting up MOSFiT with Anaconda

Platforms: MacOS X, Linux, and Windows

We recommend using the Anaconda Python distribution from Continuum Analytics (or the related Miniconda distribution) as your Python environment.

After installing conda, MOSFiT can be installed via:

conda install -c conda-forge mosfit

Installing with pip

Platforms: MacOS X, Linux, and Windows

Installing MOSFiT with pip is straightforward:

pip install mosfit

Installing from source

Platforms: MacOS X, Linux, and Windows

If you are interested in performing more serious development work, it is probably best to install MOSFiT from source. This can be done by cloning the repository and then running the script:

git clone
python install