class mosfit.modules.NSBHEjecta(name, model, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Energetic

Generate mejecta and vejecta from black hole - neutron star binary parameters.

Includes tidal dynamical and both thermal and magnetic disk wind ejecta following Kawaguchi et al. 2016, Foucart et al. 2018, Kruger & Foucart 2020, and Fernandez et al. 2020. Opacities from Tanaka & Hotokezaka 2013, Kawaguchi et al. 2016, Kasen et al. 2017 and Tanaka et al. 2020.

Includes an ignorance parameter fMag for magnetically-driven winds (Fernandez et al. 2019, Christie et al. 2019).

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Process module.